Jim Hawkins' Birds, Cats and Sounds of Nature

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You are invited to identify the sounds marked "unknown" by sending me E-mail. I will include your name, city and state/school or whatever if you feel positive about your identification. Contact: Jim Hawkins

These sounds were recorded using a Sony Walkman, TASCAM MIDISTUDIO 644 and My Sony Camcorder They were recorded in WAV format, edited using MCS (Multimedia Component System) by Animotion Development Corporation, then converted using the RealAudio encoder. To listen to these sounds, you will need a Real Audio player.

RealAudio is a trademark of Progressive Networks.


If you know the name of the unknown birds, please send me E-mail identifying the unknown number. I will add the name of identifying person if he or she wishes. Thanks!

Cardinal (Real Audio)
Red Cardinal who lives in my back yard. One of my favorite sounds. It means that winter is over.

Cardinal 2 (Real Audio)
Another Cardinal Song. I've listened to Cardinals in many other places, but in no other place have I heard them sing this particular song, which I have heard every year for the 4 years I have lived here in Middletown, NJ near the NJ shore.

Cardinal 3 (Real Audio)
Another Cardinal Song

Cardinal 4 (Real Audio)
Another Cardinal Song. Note a low pitched BUZZ at the end of this clip. It was some large unidentified flying insect which continued to buzz around me and quickly chased me away.

Blue Jays (Real Audio)
Crows (Real Audio)
Robin (Real Audio)
Robin in the morning at home, Middletown, NJ. Mourning Dove heard in background.

Woodpecker Working (Real Audio)
Recorded at Holmdel Park, Holmdel, NJ

Birds at Holmdel Park, NJ (Real Audio)
Recorded at our house in Middletown, NJ

Mockingbird (Real Audio)
Recorded at our house in Middletown, NJ

Catbird Mewing "WAAH WAAH" (Real Audio) (ID by Jon K. Boone U. of MD)
Recorded at our house in Middletown, NJ

Carbird "CHUCK CHUCK"(Real Audio) (ID by Jon K. Boone U. of MD)
Recorded at our house in Middletown, NJ

Singing House Wren (Real Audio) (ID by Jon K. Boone U. of Md)
Recorded at our house in Middletown, NJ

Tufted Titmouse (Real Audio)
Identified by Jon K. Boone, University of Maryland. Recorded at our house in Middletown, NJ

Unknown 5 (Real Audio)
Recorded at Thompson Park in Lincroft, NJ

Catbird? (Real Audio)
Formerly "Unknown 6", identified by Brian Cook. Recorded at Thompson Park in Lincroft, NJ

Bobwhite (Real Audio)
Formerly "Unknown 7", identified by Julie Cook of Atlanta, GA. She said it's " a sound we're very familiar with in Georgia." Recorded at Thompson Park in Lincroft, NJ

Unknown 8 (Real Audio)
Short "Chips", sometimes in rapid succession, like a rattlesnake. Quality is poor. (Perhaps, a House Wren?)Recorded at home in Middletown, NJ.

Calling Reb-bellied Woodpecker (Real Audio) (ID by Jon K. Boone U. of MD)
Recorded at home in Middletown, NJ.
Unknown 10 (Real Audio)
Recorded at home in Middletown, NJ.
Flicker "peok!" call (Real Audio) (ID by Jon K. Boone U. of MD)
Recorded at home in Middletown, NJ.
Owl (Real Audio)
Recorded at home in Middletown, NJ. 2/6/1999


I just hung the tiny, thimble sized microphone by it's wire, sort of following these bees from flower to flower. I managed to get the microphone as little as 1/8" or less away from the bees at times.

Bumble Bee (Real Audio)
Honey Bee (Real Audio)
Cicada (Real Audio)
Night Bugs in NJ (Real Audio)
Morning Crickets in NJ (Real Audio)
Too much background roar in this one. RA converter filters out higher frequencies. I'll have to equalize this one when I get a chance.


Surf at the New Jersey Shore at Sandy Hook Beach (Real Audio)
Thunderstorm From feeder band of Tropical Storm Edouard 800 miles away! (Real Audio)
The amazing thing about this is that Hurricane Edouard had already traveled from the N. Carolina Coast and into Canada and this narrow spiral stretched all the way out to the Atlantic, still sucking in moisture. This thin band produced violent thunderstorms and a tornado in North Brunswick, NJ. We were lucky we only got this little sample of Edouard!

Please visit the Monmouth County Park System Web Site.
Most of the sounds I have recorded are from Monmouth County, NJ and it's fabulous park system.
Monmouth County is located about seven miles south of the Raritan River and extends from the New Jersey shore almost all the way across the state, near Trenton, it's Capital. I can see Manhatten from where I live. The line of sight includes Statin Island and the World Trade Center is visible beyond the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

Please, also visit the State of New Jersey Web Page. New Jersey is a small state which is a better place than many people think. With it's relatively small size, it includes a wide diversity of terrain and population density. Even the climate differs greatly from place to place within this small state which extends roughly 170 miles north to south and averages about 60 miles East to West. We have Rolling and Rocky hills, sand, farms, ranches, beaches, lakes, meadows, pine barrens, swamplands, canals, rivers, lots of shopping malls (especially in Paramus), isolated, quiet places, busy places, charming historical towns such as Cranberry, Smithville, Lambertville, Haddonfield, Cape May, Princeton (to name a few) and yes, of course, some smelly refineries and not so good places. The Center of Cape May, NJ is at the same latitude as the White House in DC. The very southern tip of NJ (38 deg N) is actually farther south than the northern most point in Virginia (39 Deg N). Sacramento is at a point which is about 20 miles south of Cape May. The northern most tip of NJ is about equal in Latitude (41 deg N) with Hammond, Indiana. George Washington has left a strong trail of history in this state. We also have Hoboken, which now claims to be the origin of baseball. I was born in Hoboken as was Frank Sinatra, but I won't get into any arguments on the origin of baseball. I love Cooperstown, NY and both Hoboken, NJ and Cooperstown, NY are COOL places to visit. OOPS, I forgot, this is a nature page!