Building the Star Tower with Helicopter

Photos by Clyde Haehnle

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Clyde Haehnle was one of the transmitter engineers for WLW when it still used its 500,000 watt transmitter. He has become a good friend of mine and a very positive influence and inspiration to me. I am grateful to Clyde for including me in his ongoing activities in the interests of radio history in Cincinnati. - Jim Hawkins

"The tower was erected in the summer of 1991. The tower was designed and built by Landmark Tower Company of Ft. Worth Texas. The structure is 956 feet tall.

The three individual leg base columns were erected with a crane and they were joined at the first level. From that level, all further erection was done with a huge helicopter. As one with many helicopter hours I was amazed to watch their precision flying. They lowered the assembled sections with such accuracy the iron workers were able to align the holes and bolt the sections together."

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