2004 Station Tour

(Jim Hawkins Radio and Broadcast Technology Page)

WBCQ is owned and operated by Allan Weiner

Located at 274 Britton Rd,
Monticello, ME 04760
Coordinates from Google maps 46.340980, -67.814715

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WBCQ Official Website

Located in Monticello, ME. Jason Hill

Transmitter building on left.
Trailer contains studio and other
signal source equipment.

Feed and Main Studio (trailer)

 Kitchen and lounge area of trailer.


 Studio in trailer


Pole transformers to the transmitter building.

 Collins  TMC GPT-40K
 Harris MW-50A  Hybrid Collins and TMC

An early 70's Harris MW-50A Pulse-Duration-Modulation transmitter (shown above) modified for shortwave use (SW-50A!)
provides the original 7415 frequency. A switching tube in series with the HT to the RF output
tube is pulse width modulated with the audio signal at a frequency of approx 70Khz. The output of the tube, being
a high voltage pulsed squarewave is then fed through a high powered low-pass filter to remove the 70Khz components
and reconstruct the audio along with a DC component to supply the PA plate system.

All transmitters were modified to operate using single phase rather than three phase service.

Closups of the Collins Cabinets


Log Periodic Antenna

In this series of photos, we follow an open pair transmission line from the feedthrough insulators
on the transmitter building to the destination, which is the 5105 MHZ curtain antenna.

Curtain antenna.


Log Periodic from the Gates 7415

WREM AM 710 up the road in next field.

Ham Radio Rig Used by WA1HLR
in another room of the transmitter
building. Note BC610


Looking back from junction of Rt 1.

Allan Weiner's Home

Allan wrote a book about his history in radio, which started out as pirate radio. "Access to the Airwaves - My Fight for Free Radio" as told to Anita Louise

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