WHN Transmitter 1050 Khz 50KW

(formerly WMGM, now WEVD) New York, NY

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Photo of WHN 1050KHZ Continental Electronics Transmitter & Phasing unit. Photographed in 1964. Transmitter is located in New Jersey.

Auxiliary equipment racks, containing
crystal oscillator and audio equipment.

Auxiliary Equipment Closeups

RCA Console

Rewind to 1942

Transmitter panels, left-to-right:
5 KW driver,
50KW final amplifier,
1 KW auxiliary transmitter

The Oscillator amplifier unit containing
two 1050KHZ crystal oscillators.

Engineer Grover W. Wizeman inspecting
the 298A 100KW water-cooled tube.

3 phase full-wave mercury vapor rectifiers.

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Photos in this section: Western Electric "Pick-Ups" magazine May 1942


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