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Quartz Crystal Modeled in 3D Studio MAX using RayMax Raytrace Rendering Plugin

These images were create with 3D Studio or POVRAY raytracers.

Fine Print and answer to a FAQ:
All images, including backgrounds are Copyrighted and are provided for your personal enjoyment. Use of these images for display on other web sites, personal or commercial, is prohibited. Use of these images for commercial purposes including their distribution on CD-ROM or any other media without my permission is also prohibited. As a policy, one may use, with prior consent, ONE image sized to 160X120 or less on one's web site as a link to this web site with credits appearing next to the image. Backgrounds for these pages were designed by myself to make them unique and use of these backgrounds on other pages are therefore prohibited.
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Jim Hawkins


Leitz Microscope Modeled in 3D Studio
Modeled in 3D Studio from a microscope that was given to me as a gift from my grandfather 38 years ago.

Leitz Microscope, another view Modeled in 3D Studio


Italian Glass Modeled in 3D Studio rendered in POVRAY
Modeled from an Italian glass wine set which belonged to my grandfather. I'm not sure of the age, but it's been in the family for over 50 years. Modeled in 3D Studio, converted to POVRAY using 3DS2POV utility (by Steve Anger), then raytraced in POVRAY.

In an experiment, I modeled a cornucopia in 3D Studio, saved it in ASCII form, then through some text editing, placed a POVRAY sphere at every vertex and raytraced it in POVRAY.


Gold Wheel modeled in POVRAY
Simple, but pretty. One of my first raytraces.

Just some interesting experementation modeled in 3D Studio
Experimenting with spheres, boolean unioned together.


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