Jim Hawkins' Computer Art Gallery

A list of links to sources of software I used can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Computer Art Gallery

3D Studio

3D Studio Renderings

3D Studio, RayMan and Animator Pro 2D

3D Studio, RayMan, POVRAY, Animator Pro 2D Art

3D Studio, 3DS MAX, RayMax and POVRAY

3D Studio, 3D Studio MAX with RayMax Plugin Raytracer and POVRAY Modeled Raytrace Images

Glass and Refraction

A variety of Objects enclosed in Glass Spheres, Modeled in 3D Studio, Rendered with RayMan Raytracer

Mathematica Generated Objects

Generated in Mathematica, imported to 3D Studio via DXF for Rendering. Features knots and infinite surfaces.



Simple MAXScripts and a simple tutorial.


About me and some of my projects.

Topical List and Resume

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