Jim Hawkins' Computer Art Gallery

Glass Deco - Modeled in 3D Studio,
Rendered with RayMan V1.5 Raytrace Renderer

The images on these pages were modeled with 3D Studio, POVRAY, Blob Sculptor for 3D Studio. RayMan raytrace renderer was used to render some of the 3D Studio images.

All images, including backgrounds are Copyrighted and are provided for your personal enjoyment. Use of these images for display on other web sites, personal or commercial, is prohibited. Use of these images for commercial purposes including their distribution on CD-ROM or any other media without my permission is also prohibited.
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Jim Hawkins

Pitcher and Mugs Modeled in 3D Studio
Flower image on pitchers and mugs was created in CorelDRAW! then exported as a bitmap. The wood pattern on the table is mapped from a photograph of a treestump in Thompson Park, Monmouth county, NJ.
Kitchen Table Modeled in 3D Studio
The plant in the gold bowl is a 3D fractal generated with Dick Oliver's FG3D, then imported as a DXF file. The china is mapped with fractal patterns genereted with FRACTINT. The wallpaper is a scan of a cloth placemat from our kitchen. Knives an forks were modeled using 3D Studio lofter and boolean subtraction cuts for the forks.
Core Memory Modeled in 3D Studio
A rendering of several core memory planes as they might look under a microscope. The toroids in this scene would normally be less than 3 mm. In the days of core memory, 64KB of memory resided on a 1 square foot circuit board. Today, 4 megs of RAM is only about 2 inches long.
Music Magic Modeled in 3D Studio
An abstract of music symbols modeled in 3D Studio.
1939 Emerson Table Radio Modeled in 3D Studio
An approximate modeling of an Emerson AX series AC/DC radio of 1938 vintage. My grandfather had one sitting in his sun room.


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