Jim Hawkins' Computer Art Gallery
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2D Computer painting I created using Animator Pro

These images were raytraced using RayMan or POVRAY raytracers. RayMan which can be purchased from Digimation is a raytrace renderer for scenes modeled in 3D Studio.

All images, including backgrounds are Copyrighted and are provided for your personal enjoyment. Use of these images for display on other web sites, personal or commercial, is prohibited. Use of these images for commercial purposes including their distribution on CD-ROM or any other media without my permission is also prohibited.
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Jim Hawkins

Ruby with Gold Beads Modeled in POVRAY Raytracer
The ruby was generated with a utility called diamond and the gold beads pattern was generated with a utility called lissajous. The results were put together in a POV source file and rendered. The blue glow was added with Aldus Photostyler.
Golden Jacks and Red Ball Modeled in POVRAY
Modeled using BLOBS in POVRAY raytracer.

Graves Tea Service Modeled in 3D Studio rendered in RayMan
This tea service is an Art Deco style designed by Michael Graves in 1983. All objects were modeled in 3D Studio. The wallpaper in the background was created in CorelDRAW! The table cloth is a tiled photograph of the window shades in my office, tinted in photostyler.
Bug Dream Modeled in 3D Studio Rendered with RayMan
One night I had a dream of green three legged bugs, so I decided to model what I remembered from the dream. All was modeled in 3D Studio, the tile pattern was created in CorelDRAW! The final image was rendered in the RayMan raytracer, hence, the refractive bugs.

Ray Gem Modeled in 3D Studio Rendered with RayMan
I wanted to test the capabilities of RayMan to render refractive transparent materials and reflective materials. This is my test.


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